Application Development And Management

Creative solutions for efficient business processes

Enterprises today are operating in a dynamic business environment, and efficiency in business is paramount for an enterprise to remain competitive and ahead of the curve. Technology& business applications have helped in improving and enhancing efficiency levels. However, with increasing complexities and challenges, a "one-size-fits-all" application may not produce the desired results.

The need of the hour is for customized applications that can solve business challenges and adapt to changing business needs. Varuni technologies is closely engaged with global enterprises in building such applications. Our Application Development and Management services are strategic, in that we work closely with customer’s business functions, understand the pain points, identify areas of improvement, and provide holistic solutions and support that translate to tangible business results.

Service Offerings

We provide application development and management services leveraging Open Source and Microsoft technologies. Our approach towards providing solutions entails a comprehensive study followed by recommendations of the appropriate technologies.


JEE Technology

Our rich expertise in JEE practice has enabled us to provide solutions to our global customers. We have worked with leading companies in the Travel, CPG, and Retail industries. We have executed large and challenging projects using different models such as Waterfall, Iterative (RUP), Extreme Programming, etc, and we continue this association by providing support and maintenance services.

Microsoft Technology

Varuni technologies has a certified "Custom Development" competency on Microsoft .Net and is an early adopter of various components of the latest .Net stack. Having now worked on more than a 100 projects, Varuni technologies has developed a rich library of reusable components that also brings in the best practices based on learning of previous engagements.

Value Proposition

We can successfully build and manage highly scalable and efficient applications at low cost
Our re-usable assets and frameworks have enabled development of applications in reduced time to markets
Our CoEs based approach has helped in developing applications using latest technologies and best practices.