Today, publishers need to deliver their content online or in other mediums through the process of coding and delivering files in formats required, even prior to composition or copy editing. Varuni technologies Pvt Ltd helps you quickly and efficiently deliver your content in the formats needed with our efficient technology and workflow systems, using a combination of automated tools and manual processes.

Varuni technologies Pvt Ltd has rich experience in the development of XML-first work flows for simultaneous production of high quality content through multiple channels. Our team of XML experts have helped publishers achieve dramatic gains in production efficiency and operational costs through the use of innovative XML work flows. We offer our expertise in converting and structuring content from any source or layout into XML.

Our team of software developers has expertise in the front running software languages and tools like XML/SGML/HTML, DTD/Schema, TeX, Core Java and .Net. We convert your print or electronic input files to the formats needed and provide you data analysis, document structure determination, DTD analysis and development to format converted content to the specified output.

We offer the following services for XML & XHTML Conversion:

Pre-structuring / Copyediting / XML Creation
Automated Page Composition
PDF Creation, Preflighting and Comparison
Edit Incorporation