The much awaited ePUB3 is out in the market and the format is slowly yet steadily being well accepted; the ePUB format has already become an industry standard and inclusion of the new release ePUB3 in the production process is the next logical step for all publishers. Varuni technologies helps you move forward with the evolving technology in the publishing industry and ensures that you stay ahead of competition.

We have already delivered multiple conversion projects in the ePUB3 format and believe that the key advantages offered by the latest version are:

scope for adding enriched content (audio, video, media overlays, speech)
support for complex content (maths - MathML, high-design textbooks)
global language support
new and changed functionality (semantic inflection, content switching, navigation, scripting and triggers)
support for JavaScript, which can be used for interactivity and enhanced formatting
improved standards for handling metadata

Our technical team has been well trained and exposed to provide quick and efficient ePUB3 conversion services for multimedia books. We can help you create innovative content and execute effective conversion of existing content for your readers on the ePUB3 platform.